dreamWWWorld (2015)

dreamWWWorld is a colourful handknitted collection and I am inspired by the searching for the dreamworld in different ways. The dreamworld can symbolise an escape from today’s beauty and body ideals and it can be unreal, unrealistic and perfect. I wanted to create a feeling of a magical, colourful and imaginary universe with my collection, free from todays beautification of the female body.

I have chosen to show the image of beauty in the context of what is perceived as “girly”. I wanted to work with colours that appears to have a low status like pink to highlight what is interpreted by many as a typical “girly” look. Let these aesthetics be as worth as anything else. Girl power!



photos by: Julian Eide

model: Sarah Hanisch

h&m by: Janne Lantz Møller



watch the dreamWWWorld film: