An applied investigation of an unbodyfied knitted sculptural garment. 

The knitted sculptures have a cavity, an inside, a non-being of something, a trace of a body, and the cavity is what remains of a body.A form where there is room for a body. The sculptures are presented without being carried by bodies; they are independent bodies. But the presence of the human body still remains in this non-being form. 

The absence of the body makes the garment become an abstract sculpture. 

knitted in wool and polyester

32 Knitted mothers/Ridån, 2018

I started this project as a part of a course in the first year of my master studies. 

I brought it with me to New York in june 2018 while being an work in process resident at Textile Arts Center. 

32  mashine knitted portraits of famous artists, writers, activists, politicians, scientists, mothers.

knitted in wool and polyester

It´s Complicated, 2018

A knitted portrait of Britney Spears

Another day, another drama, it´s Britney Spears, 2017-2018

Snäckan II, 2017

Snäckan, 2017

a chair in collaboration with Mitab and Svensk Form

Spring in Stockholm, 2017

a knitwear collection

photos taken by MONA CORDES in Stockholm 2017

Models: Disa Ferm, Maja Ahnborg, Elsa Steinbock, Ida Rydin.aP knitwear


Feeling Blue, 2016

a knitted experiment that became a crying dreamcatcher

dreamWWWorld, 2015

dreamWWWorld is a colourful handknitted collection and I am inspired by the searching for the dreamworld in different ways. The dreamworld can symbolise an escape from today’s beauty and body ideals and it can be unreal, unrealistic and perfect. I wanted to create a feeling of a magical, colourful and imaginary universe with my collection, free from todays beautification of the female body.

photos by: Julian Eide

model: Sarah Hanisch

h&m by: Janne Lantz Møller



watch the dreamWWWorld film: